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Please read below for some frequently asked questions about polyurethane. Contact us if you have any more questions. Thank you!


Q: What is polyurethane? A: Polyurethane is a rubber and plastic alternative. high performance elastomer that’s used in applications where dynamic properties are necessary versus rubber or plastic.


Q: Why is polyurethane better than rubber? A: Polyurethane is a high-performance elastomer, and is ideal for applications that require a substance with more dynamic qualities.

Q: Is polyurethane more expensive? A: This depends on the part. However, the tooling required for polyurethane is actually less expensive than for rubber. So, while the cost per pound may be more for polyurethane than for rubber or plastic, the cost per pound is likely to cost less because it is easier to make.

Q: How do I request a part? A: Simply contact our sales department with your specific needs; we will review the request carefully, and recommend a product design plan that is cost-effective and performance-driven.